The year was 1936, the piece of the Paseo de Las Canteras that he had built had placed a beautiful iron railing. Las Canteras proudly wore his railing. On sunny Sundays Avenue was filled with women and men; seniors, youth or children to show off their “Sunday suits” and admire the wonderful beach.

But the railing was not lost on Franco’s army, the need iron to make cannon was the end of gleaming beach fence. In a seen and unseen, the beautiful balustrade Las Canteras beach was requisitioned, dismantled and melted to make cannons for use in a civil war that marked forever the soul of a country.

Next to the iron railing of Las Canteras also they were drawn tramway rails between Manuel Becerra and Port Market Square.

Cover photo. The walk without the railing “impounded”

Articulo por: miplayadelascanteras y 


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