Island talk for foreigner Vol. 2


Most exciting and difficult project in front of us. Our island need wise tourists that know how to enjoy vacation without destroying eco-system and investing in local businesses not huge factories like RESORTS.

We want that all people that come to the island see real Gran Canaria and understand how important is to experience the island, because this is what stays in our memories for ever

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1st meeting “ISLAND TALK FOR FOREIGNER” took place on 16th of November 2018

Organization of the 1st meeting:

  1.  History of all canary islands. Etymology,  volcanic islands, first people leaving on Gran Canaria and their life
  2. Work and school system.
  3. Types of tourism and effect on local business
  4. Typical Food and festivals
  5. Places to visit



Santa on the wave in Las Palmas


Check it out!! Las Palmas is full of amazing people and ideas!!

This time our friends from @mojosurfcanarias  made swee Santa edit:)

Rudolph red nose dear is no needed on GRan Canaria:)))


Surfing for prescription

surf prescription

What is surf good for?


Surfing: Now Prescribed by Doctors

To help cut back on pill-popping medications, there is a new pilot program in Biarritz, France prescribing surfing and paddleboarding lessons.Dr. Guillaume Barucq an avid surfer and one of the doctors in Biarritz taking part in the program, speaks of the therapeutic benefits of having contact with the ocean as being “miraculous”.

He says, negative ions created by the waves breaking on the sand improves oxygenation, your mood, quality of sleep and even concentration.

When we are in a good mood, we have less stress, when we have less stress we are healthier all around, mind, body and spirit. Stress and its effect on health is well known and accepted by the medical field.

You don’t have to live by an ocean to get the benefits of negative ions. Negative ions are in the air after a rain fall, and even in your shower, which may be part of the cause of the feeling good singing that sometimes happens in there, because we are amped up on some good feeling negative ions.

“Half of the drugs prescribed in France are either useless or dangerous, says two specialist.” This may not be far from the truth for the U.S. and other parts of the world as well.

When you see the prescription medicine ads on television, at the end they speak in a very fast voice, listing the possible side effects, which can be a bit of a turn-off, and a “turn-on” to alternative healthier options.

Doctors say, surfing (sports and fitness) can be highly effective in fighting chronic pain, stress, depression, as well as diabetes and obesity. Vitamin D from the Sun alone, can help with the stress, depression and diabetes.

It isn’t just surfing and paddleboarding the doctors are prescribing. They are prescribing up to a 12-week course in surfing, paddleboarding, and some classic activities like swimming and Nordic walking as well.


Surf: ahora recetado por doctores

Para ayudar a reducir el consumo de píldoras, hay un nuevo programa piloto en Biarritz, Francia, que prescribe clases de surf y paddleboarding.

El Dr. Guillaume Barucq, un ávido surfista y uno de los médicos de Biarritz que participan en el programa, habla de los beneficios terapéuticos de tener contacto con el océano como algo “milagroso”.

Él dice que los iones negativos creados por las olas que se rompen en la arena mejoran la oxigenación, el estado de ánimo, la calidad del sueño e incluso la concentración.

Cuando estamos de buen humor, tenemos menos estrés, cuando tenemos menos estrés somos más sanos, mente, cuerpo y espíritu. El estrés y su efecto sobre la salud es bien conocido y aceptado por el campo médico.

No tienes que vivir cerca de un océano para obtener los beneficios de los iones negativos. Los iones negativos están en el aire después de una lluvia, e incluso en la ducha, lo que puede ser parte de la causa de la sensación de buen canto que a veces ocurre allí, porque estamos entusiasmados con algunos iones negativos de buena sensación.

“La mitad de los medicamentos prescritos en Francia son inútiles o peligrosos, según dos especialistas”. Esto puede no estar lejos de la realidad en los Estados Unidos y en otras partes del mundo también.

Cuando ve los anuncios de medicamentos recetados en la televisión, al final hablan con una voz muy rápida, enumerando los posibles efectos secundarios, lo que puede ser un poco desconcertante, y un “encendido” de opciones alternativas más saludables.

Los médicos dicen que el surf (deportes y estado físico) puede ser altamente efectivo para combatir el dolor crónico, el estrés, la depresión, así como la diabetes y la obesidad. La vitamina D solo del sol puede ayudar con el estrés, la depresión y la diabetes.

No es solo surf y paddleboarding lo que prescriben los médicos. Están prescribiendo hasta un curso de 12 semanas de surf, paddleboarding y algunas actividades clásicas como natación y marcha nórdica también.

Photo by AJ Messier



Check it out it has just started


RUN FOREST RUN !!!! You’re still in time to get your ticket for today’s session. Box office successes like Given, Bruce Gold, Bezerke and the super edit of Manuel Lezcano Cruz – A Canarian Winter 👊 See you at the Elder Museum of Science and Technology! 🛸 Programming >> http://bit.ly/2yrfWUp

🎫 Entries sessions #Cine >> http://bit.ly/2wZ0k7G

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Hidden waterfalls Gran Canaria

hidden waterfalls gran canaria

Hidden waterfalls Gran Canaria

On west side of Gran Canaria is the Charco Azul. Its fresh water plays with a small waterfall, more pronounced in times of rain, of a flow of water from the Mountains of Tirma. It is accessed from the village of ‘El Risco’ in Agaete by a nice path well signes that invites you to enjoy the nature. With easy access, Charco Azul is undoubtedly one of those magical corners not to be missed in Gran Canaria.

But there is more – Gran Canaria is hiding over 50 amazing waterfalls. Meet us at our association to find the places – join our association




Do you reember our great cleaning event on the beach of Vagabundo?

We gathered more than 20bags of garbage, a lot of litter, and old fishing boat ropes.

We invite you to remmeber that our beaces, all over the world are suffering becouse of the garbage that is trown away into the water.

Clean after yourself and recycle



We will be posting each Museum timetable. We will start from CUEVA PINTADA MUSEUM

What is Cueva Pintada?

Cueva Pintada Museum and Archaeological Park has several exhibition units are integrated into a journey in which through a variety of museum resources visitors are invited to visit one of the most exciting moments of the culture of the ancient canaries.

Upon arrival at reception area, visitors gain entry and begin the journey accompanied by specialized guides that along the itinerary staff.

If you wold like to visit useum any other day please visit: BUY A TICKET

Below you will find free of charge dates:

On 18 April, May 18th, May 30th, June 29th, July 25th and the first Sunday of each month (and previous Saturday). 


webcams españa


DECATHLON crea un FORO de Webcams para España pero falta las webcams de Canarias.

Esperamos que en breve vamos a añadir los webcams de nuestra isla Gran Canaria