What we accomplished and what are our goals:

General focus of our association is o promote active tourism. By letting our members take part in all of our activities, both at our infrastructure called HiTide and outside, on the beach, mountains, in the water etc.

Also we want to take part and create awareness regarding polution, mass tourism danger for the island, that is why we are organizing:


Most exciting and difficult project in front of us. Our island need wise turists that know how to enjoy vacation without destroying eco system and investing in local buisnesses not huge factories like RESORTS.

We want that all people that come to the island see real Gran Canaria and understand how importan is to experience the island, becouse this is what stays in our memories for ever.

–>Gallery and more info<–


  2. Trash and litter cleanup:

3. Travellers talk:

4. Excursions to expreinece the island:

5. SURF and Yoga Classes for members:




7. Wale and delphine watching excursions:

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